What you can expect

Sanctuary Cross

When you first arrive you’ll be greeted by members of our hospitality team.  You’ll have the opportunity to sign our guest book, you’ll be given a bulletin and guided into the sanctuary.  If you have young children who might like to wiggle, feel free to ask our greeters for a Kids Pack when you enter the sanctuary.

Our service is thoughtfully and prayerfully prepared.  After the announcements we have a time of silent prayer, to prepare ourselves for the rest of worship.  With a call to worship move into the rest of our service.  We sing great hymns from our Book of Praise and modern songs as our pastors introduce them.  We have a time for the children in the service followed up by Sunday School with our amazing Sunday School team!  Our sermons are biblically based and run approximately 20min.  Our two pastors alternate weeks for preaching, but usually both are involved in the service.

We want you to feel welcome and focus on worshipping God.  We do take up an offering each week, but no one expects you (a visitor) to pay up.  If you feel led to respond to God’s Word by bringing an offering, we don’t want to discourage that.  But we also don’t want you to feel that we only want your money.

After the service we have a time of fellowship in the upper hall.  We’d love to meet you over a coffee and hear your story.  Meet others who are trying to live out their faith in a constantly changing world.  It’s not easy, but we want to provide support for everyone who is wrestling.