Answering God

“The Psalms are acts of obedience, answering the God who has addressed us. God’s word precedes these words: these prayers don’t seek God, they respond to the God who seeks us.”

— Eugene Peterson, Answering God.

When it comes to prayer we often approach God with our prayer requests.  “Lord, help me with ____”; “God I really need Your strength for _____.” These are not inherently bad prayers – in fact they’re very appropriate,  But the Psalms teach us that when it comes to prayer, our words never come first.  God has always spoken before us and we are responding to His Word.

Over the next 8 weeks we’ll be unpacking some of the Psalms and how they teach us about Answering God‘s Word.  The structure of the series is inspired from Eugene Peterson’s book Answering God: the Psalms as tools for prayer. If you’d like to deepen your exploration as we go through this series you may want to get a copy and follow along.

2017/07/16 Answering God | Way
2017/07/23 Answering God | Language
2017/07/30 Answering God | Story
2017/08/06 Answering God | Rhythm
2017/08/13 Answering God | Metaphor
2017/08/20 Answering God | Liturgy
2017/08/27 Answering God | Enemies
2017/09/03 Answering God | Memory